Trade Marks - Slogans - Trade Names
Assistance in the search, availability and registration of Trademarks and Slogans as well as Trade Names including advice in their protection against infringement, providing permanent monitoring of our clients’ portfolios.
Patents – Utility Models – Industrial Designs
Preparation, filing and processing of the appropriate applications with legal and technical advice.
Assistance, consulting and registration of Works that require copyright protection. We advice our clients on the different types of contracts relating to copyright, their interpretation and their best application for each specific case.
Domain Names
We assist our clients in the selection, registration, protection, transfer and acquisition of Domain Names as well as legal advice on the content of Web pages.
Health Registrations
We help our clients in the processing and obtaining of Sanitary Registrations before the INVIMA and ICA for all types of products.
Unfair Competition
We advice our clients to address, prevent and deter acts of unfair competition that affect the normal development or their businesses.
Denominations of Origin
Preparation, filing and processing of applications for declaration of protection and corresponding applications for authorization of use.
Plant Varieties
Assistance in the preparation and processing of applications for plant breeder’s rights (PBR).